Environmental Management

SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO conducts its activities to meet the needs of Clients, as well as all interested parties, while protecting and strengthening human and natural resources. We seek to prevent negative impact on the environment in the course of its activities and to provide safe working conditions for all employees. In this direction, work is constantly being done to create decent, safe and harmless working conditions in each structural unit, as well as to provide social guarantees to employees.


Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Management in SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO is considered as a system that involves the planning HSE activities in order to ensure safe working conditions.

SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO takes responsibility for the effectiveness of the functioning of HSE Management system, safety and environmental protection, providing all the necessary resources for this.

SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO implements HSE Management of projects within the framework of a developed, implemented and certified environmental management system, professional safety system.

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