Oil Production and Development

Development drilling is the main production support driver, which provides more than 8% from the Company oil and condensate production. SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO is focused on high-tech well construction – 2.9 thousand new wells were commissioned in 2019 and 57% of them had horizontal completion. 986 new horizontal wells with multi stage fracturing were commissioned; their share grew up to 34%. Unit production per horizontal well in the first production year grew by 11% compared to 2018 and made about 9 Kt per well, which is 2.4 times higher than the directional wells indicator. Advanced planning, drilling and development technologies secured 44.8 tpd average annual flowrate at new wells and 2019 incremental production reached 19.6 mln tons. Along with the new zones drilling, the Company also performs infill drilling in order to increase reserves recovery efficiency by development system transformation and further elaboration.

At SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO, Prospecting for new oil reserves is a complex and high-cost endeavour, even when it involves traditional resources. The cost of geological prospecting operations, and the cost of mistakes, are still higher when investigating previously un-researched, inaccessible regions. Much of this uncertainty can be eliminated prior to commencing field work through the process of basin modelling.

Basin modelling means taking a journey millions of years back into the past — recreating the formation of (and changes to) geological strata in order to determine when they first appeared, how they were built up, and how hydrocarbons are distributed within them.

Our Solutions

Using this technology, and based on all information available on a region’s geology, mathematical and analytical methodologies can be used to recreate those processes involved in strata being formed or changed. Which means that areas containing hydrocarbon accumulations can be revealed.

Project Benefits

We at SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO are continuing to drive forward, constantly increasing productivity, and utilising technology advancements and sustainable practices to maintain our competitive advantage.

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