SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO considers its sustainable development as a contribution to the development of society and is fully aware of the responsibility for nature conservation for the future generation.

As a leading engineering company in Kazakhstan, SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO seeks to make a significant contribution to the development of the country and improve the quality of life of citizens. The company’s priority is to ensure the safety of employees at the workplace, providing safe and comfortable working conditions, preserving and protecting the environment.

SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO seeks at all its local and international projects to minimize the environmental impact in the region during the design of facilities, as well as to use natural resources as carefully as possible

The key aspects of the company’s sustainable development are:

  • Being environmentally responsible
  • Local community
  • Personnel well-being and employee
  • Business ethics
  • Local content
  • Partnership with world leading engineering companies and ЕРСМ contractors

Implementation of innovation projects through investments

Development of information modeling technologies

SUMATEC OIL & GAS TOO is committed to the environmentally sound development of the company that takes into account the future needs of the country’s population, constantly improving its program and policy for the benefit of the environment.

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